05 März 2006

100 me's

1. I like to take walks of about an hour length
2. I can't go two lines without major typos.
3. And that dosen't include all those mistakes I make because I just don't know better
4. Never smoked a cigarette in my entire 30+ years. Nor anything else.
5. My favorite Film is Buffalo 66
6. I used to sneeze quietly. Just for funzies, once I simply inhaled all I could and made it a loud one. Never managed a quiet one afterwards.
7. I like 'learning by doing'
8. I never killed a Tamagotchi
9. If I like a song first time hearing it, I stand to it - even when it turned out to be 'Take That'.
10. I like to speak english - although it is neither my native language, nor am I particularly good at it
11. As my favorite Musician passed me by, out of the blue at a railwaystation, all I was able to say was "Adam? Adam Frederic Duritz?"
12. I'm loyal
13. I'm a casual drinker, mostly Longdrinks with Gin
14. I consider beer to be to 'bubbly'
15. I suck at everything artsy.
16. That doesn't mean I don't get all exited over something artsy sometimes
17. TV Shows are my main hobby. I tend to like sarcastic Doktors (Dr. Becker, Dr. House, Dr. Cox)
18. In real life, physicians scare me
19. I drink two cups of coffee a year
20. I don't like soup
21. I have a rather extensive knowlege of obscure american Actors - I can solve a lot of crime dramas just by scanning the episodes credits
22. Never have been homesick. Ever.
23. But I do tend to get realy seasick
24. Haven't seen 'Dancing with wolves' yet
25. My usual drink is pure, uncarbonated water.
26. Although I once was member of a party, nowadays I'm a serious crossvoter
27. My perfect softdrink persist of at least 50 percent ice
28. I L-O-V-E the night; it's my favorite time to be awake
29. I usualy do wake up bevor the alarm-clock goes of
30. So far, I've been to six foreign countrys
31. I enjoy to help.
32. Became 52nd in a statewide mathcontest in 8th grade - in the final round there were 54 participients
33. I was baptised, I'm agnostic - but someone out there is obviously out to get me
34. I'm a teachers pet. Allways have been, allways will be.
35. There is no place like home!
36. Never had a broken bone
37. I like to listen
38. The wikipedia amazes me
39. I'm pretty lousy at talking up people
40. I'm not half as bad at entertaining people though
41. My favorite Film is Love Actually
42. I know my 'Asterix' very well
43. Have only worn one brand of shoes over the last ten years
44. Never started rearanging my room bevore nightfall
45. Right-handed
46. I like to dream
47. I do belive, Calvins stuffed Tiger Hobbes is realy alive
48. I'm not big on crying
49. Nor yelling
50. Spend my service time (madatory in my country) helping take care of severly mentaly handicaped people
51. I'm very good at recognising voices
52. Still know, were I was when Kurt Cobain and Lady Di died
53. My parents are divorced
54. My grandparents didn't lead successful married lives, either - at least not with each other
55. I dislike all activities that include bowing down
56. I fear, people find me anoying
57. I've been attracted to women from 1,55 to 1,85 and of all (natural) haircolors
58. Allways think of Pop-Musicians in a first name basis
59. I can't even tell you, what my favorite TV Show is - as there are so many wonderful of them
60. I do rationalise way to much
61. Lost a brother to Sudden Infant Death Syndrom
62. Occasionaly I like to be barefoot all day around the house
63. My 'Happy-place' is a cold snowy winter night with silver moonlight
64. I don't like my name
65. I like my middle name
66. That made me a sucker for peoples middlenames
67. All my Grandparents celebrated their 80th anniversery
68. On both my legs I have a scar, but not under my chin
69. Shoes do tell an awfull lot about their owners!
70. Haven't been hospitalised operated on since 1979
71. I don't like to waste, like food or water.
72. Extensive showers are no waste!
73. I'm 195 cm
74. I don't own any plants
75. I rarely catch a cold
76. I enjoy to search the Internet. Recreationaly!
77. I'm saddend by the thougt that I never will visit a hairstylist ever again
78. I'm very forgiving
79. I dispise smokers
80. I enjoy watching womens Biathlon and Mens Cycling
81. I passionatly dislike Mens Biathlon and Womens Cycling
82. Tend to wear long sleves with Shorts
83. Stupid people or remarks tend to infuriate me
84. Born 1974
85. I dance 'to remember', not 'to forget'
86. I'm stuborn
87. In more than a decade only missed a hand full of occasions to dance to Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones"
88. Fan of (Tabletop) roleplayinggames. And just a little bit ashamed of it.
89. I'm very good at retracing mental steps
90. My favorite movie is Spiderman 2
91. I use public restrooms fearlessly
92. I can live without lots of stuff
93. I can hardly give stuff up
94. As a preteen, I had a strange habbit of having stones fall on my head (three accidents)
95. Shoesize 45, Gloves Size 8, cloth XXL+
96. Every time I play the lottery, I plan on how to spend my winnings
97. I should so win the lottery!
98. I like to be able to rewind while waching TV and movies
99. I realy don't like to shave
100. I'm a serious people pleaser
101. I never find an end

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